Summer Camp

What's Included...

All Contents are Theme Related

Crafts & Activities

Each box includes themed crafts and activities for every day of the camp week. Boxes have an added touch of personalization based on age and interests.


Boxes include a package of 10 or more fun worksheets, stickers, and colouring pages. Membership gives you online access to print unlimited copies, for added entertainment.


Something fun for every day of the camp week. Kids can play alone, design their own, or get the family involved, while staying safe at home.

Workouts & Lessons

Kids & Parents will have access to our online database of fitness videos & introduction to Martial Arts, to keep active, learn new things, and stay busy.



Become the Ultimate Pokemon Trainer.


Sharpen your skills & design your own Pokeball, Gym, and Pokemon

Mega Builders

Create & Construct, with you as the designer. 


Build with bricks & sticks to fashion cars, boats, catapults, and marble runs.

World of Wizardry

Step into a world of magic and mystery. 


Construct your own wand & magical creature, play with potions and crystals.

Pirates & Explorers

Battle the seas as a treasure hunter.


Create the ultimate outfit, send secret messages, and arm yourself for battle.

Heroes & Villians

Choose your side, and prepare to win!


Design your costume, your ultimate weapon,  and your trusty sidekick

Water World

Rule the waters as Poseidon or a Mermaid. Highlights:

Craft sharks & mermaid tails, wands & tridents. Design your own seascape.

Castles & Crusades

Royal Family or Loyal Knight


Create crowns, swords, & construct your own castle.

Myths & Legends

Gods, Goddesses, & Beasts


Decorate dragon eggs, decorate unicorns, and dig for dinosaurs.

Warriors of the World

Prepare for the ultimate battle!


Design various types of weapons & battle gear.

Real Life Gamers

Put yourself in the game.


Create your own games, and craft highlights of video games.


Camp T-Shirt

To get the ultimate camp feel, add a camp t-shirt to your camp box. Shirts can be personalized for that added touch.

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Craft Package

Includes crayons, pencil crayons, sharpener, glue, scissors, and more.

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